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All our produce comes from organic sources. We use meat from grass fed cows that are raised without artificial hormones and antibiotics. All our sauces and condiments are natural and made from scratch. You won’t find high fructose corn syrup or any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, additives and preservatives in any of our food and drinks.

These are just a few of the claims in the manifesto that makes up the first page of The Wholesome Table’s menu.

“It’s really about where you’re getting your food, what are the chemicals present in that food, how processed it is, what are the additives that are in there that are wreaking havoc to your system,” rattles off Bianca Araneta-Elizalde who is looking forward to sharing her healthy lifestyle with the rest of Manila.

In July 2014, The Wholesome Table opened its doors with the goal of going back to basics and working with fresh, clean food, that’s free from toxins.

There is a misconception that organic food is, number one vegetarian only, and two, it’s bland,”. The Wholesome Table corrects this misconception by offering tasty meat and plant-based comfort food. “I figured Filipinos will enjoy this because they can still have the many dishes that they’re used to eating such as burgers, pork, and pizza but they’re less guilty because they’re coming from good sources and made with better and healthier ingredients,” she points out.

Nobody wants to eat anything toxic, so we don’t use it in our food. We love words like antibiotic-free, nitrate-free, unprocessed, raw, fresh, organic, cold-pressed, and superfood.  (That’s why we’re wholesome)



Our goal is to build a healthy food culture. Where people can begin to make informed decisions about the food they eat and take charge of their health, by educating them about natural, organic food, nutrition, and the environment. After all, it is one of the few things in life that they can control.
We believe in going back to basics. In preparing the kind of comfort food that you’re used to eating, except we make them with healthier ingredients. Always with love and good intentions.

We believe in eating real, organic food that nourishes and restores you. Once your body gets used to eating this way, you will love it too.

We also believe that this is not a trend nor should it ever be. This is a lifestyle, a conscious lifestyle that will inevitably inspire change in the way you live, with every plate you have.



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